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benfranklin_printer There’s an interesting post at Self-Publishing Review, where someone from the publishing industry gives his own reasons for self-publishing.

I’ve always been a publishing person, from the time I spent studying copyright pages in books around age 8 to creating what still look like sophisticated magazines as an adolescent using only a typewriter, pen and ink drawings, and Scotch tape, then photocopying the resulting layouts. I’ve worked in bookstores, typeset professionally, written for newspapers, compiled indexes (or indices if you so prefer), launched titles, designed and created reference works, redesigned magazines and journals, created web sites, and done a myriad other things in the realm of publishing.

And now, I’ve self-published my first novel.

I didn’t self-publish because the publishing process confuses, baffles, or overwhelms me. I don’t need a publisher to figure out discounting, rights retention, royalties, or the mechanics of publishing. I did it precisely because I understand the traditional publishing process, and I didn’t want it or need it.

Some good insight here into what most people tend to think is a straightforward decision — though it clearly isn’t. The discussion that follows gets lively and offers some further insight into the question of whether to self-publish or seek out an agent or publishing contract.

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