Word Count for Novels and Children’s Books

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The apparently definitive post on Word Count for Novels and Children’s Books from Chuck Sambuchino. A good guide for those following the sage advice of not expecting to be the exception.


Famous Literary Drunks & Addicts

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There are a variety of strategies for literary success, but this photo-essay might stimulate some unhealthy ones: Famous Literary Drunks & Addicts — LIFE.


Writing sans Solitude

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beatgeneration The Writer As Social Butterfly — good post at LitDrift on the value to writers of interacting with others, despite writing being thought of as a solitary task.

It should be obvious that writers, writing about society, would make it a point to immerse themselves in that society. But writers are artists, and like most artists we tend to think of ourselves as outcasts. The label is twofold; our creativity and panjandrum is admired, and our variance from normal nine-to-fives is frowned upon. But the mistake is buying into the outcast label, even cherishing it. Doing so separates us from our audience, making us bitter, and even worse, possibly leading to an aloof, chastising tone few enjoy reading.


The 10 Best Books for Writers

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The 10 Best Books for Writers: a compilation of “the classics”, for writers, by writers, on writing.


A Publishing Person Self-Publishes

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benfranklin_printer There’s an interesting post at Self-Publishing Review, where someone from the publishing industry gives his own reasons for self-publishing.

I’ve always been a publishing person, from the time I spent studying copyright pages in books around age 8 to creating what still look like sophisticated magazines as an adolescent using only a typewriter, pen and ink drawings, and Scotch tape, then photocopying the resulting layouts. I’ve worked in bookstores, typeset professionally, written for newspapers, compiled indexes (or indices if you so prefer), launched titles, designed and created reference works, redesigned magazines and journals, created web sites, and done a myriad other things in the realm of publishing.

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